Ghizer Volunteer Movement

Ghizer Volunteer Movement is concept of uniting youth (Male and Female) in mid of the Flood Disaster in Gilgit Balstistan Generally and Ghizer District in Particular. Uniting youth for every Positive change in our beloved District Ghizer (Combination of wadies i.e. Wadii Shaheedan, Wadi Gohar Aman, wadi of springs and Sufi’s) is slogan of GVM. Being native of the this Great District we are looking for Formation of GHIZER VOL…UNTEER MOVEMENT, with One point agenda of serving Back our Mother Land in this difficult time . All our people from every corner Ghizer Valley is waiting for the Relief and Support that we can make for them.
It’s a Time for Contributing Positive and Uniting Youth (Male and Female) for Positive Change. Let this Natural Disaster to be Great Opportunity for our Unity, Progress and Development.
Join GVM. Deliver and secure Your Future…….
Message to All
Dear All,
As a lot of you are constrained for time and can’t make it to our Flood Relief Mission Collection Drives, we are attaching a detailed list of items required, so we can collect these items from your house, friends, family etc. and then give them to us. We have compiled this list from various sources as the need for specific items varies in different areas.


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